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CHROMATIC ASSAULT is a top down twin-stick-shooter inspired by the classics like Geometry Wars. Fight through 40 levels and 10 huge bosses split through 10 systems while listening to an upbeat metal/electronic soundtrack!*

*Only one of the songs has been finished. As such, many Newgrounds songs have been put in place until the real songs are ready. Many thanks to PhatBoiJ for allowing me to use his music during this time.


Now introducing Drones! Drones are helpful little ships that will assist you in levels. They have various unique abilities, ranging from simply attacking, to picking up items, to shielding you.

CHROMATIC ASSAULT feature a huge 40 levels and 6 game modes, as well as endless modes with game modifiers! Ranging from simply obtaining a high score within the time limit, to conquering a boss enemy, you'll never get bored while blasting your enemies into pieces! 

Pictured above, the TRIGON boss' first phase. Not very challenging at first, but just wait!

  • FRENZY - Fight through a predetermined set of waves of enemies, and try to beat the high score!
  • PASSIVE - Use nothing but your wit and dodging skills to kill huge swarms of enemies with randomly spawning mines.
  • TIMELOOP - Don't let time catch up with you! Your lives don't do anything in this game mode, but get hit and you'll lose time! Increase time by killing enemies.
  • SURVIVAL - One life! Stay calm! This game mode is all about the score, and typically never lasts longer than a minute.
  • ZONES - Stay inside the zones, but make sure you're not surrounded when they disappear!
  • BOSS - Fight a huge boss enemy that spews swarms of enemies at you. Your crowd control skills are what matter here!

Feeling overwhelmed?

CHROMATIC ASSAULT also gives you a choice of up to 6 abilities! Decimate your enemies with the spinning bullet barrage or homing bullet barrage. Enemies closing in from all directions? Not to worry, freeze them temporarily with the powerful EMP pulse!

Pictured above, the devastating BULLET BARRAGE!


Right now, CHROMATIC ASSAULT is only a demo. Featuring 15 of the 40 levels, and 3/10 bosses. I am actively working on it, however! A tutorial has yet to be implemented, but for now there is a short but sweet tutorial.txt file to show you the controls. 

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Looks and sound crazy, any chance of a Linux build? :)

I'll look into it! I don't have a device that runs Linux unfortunately, but maybe there's a workaround.